Coachman Classified Advertising

Coachman Classified Advertising is a website for listing the items you want to sell.

The website uses email addresses that sellers provide to entice people to use the website. Our email list is strictly confidential. It is never loaned out or sold to anyone. You email address is never reproduced on the website. This is because of the possibility of email address theft.

That's why when we ask you for your email address list of friends and neighbors, rest assured that it will not be used for anything but advertising your items.

Coachman is a  'yours and mine' type of website. You send me photos and a description of the item you want to sell. Payment is made through PayPal.

All of our communication is done by email. It's fun and interesting and besides you

can make money. If you have any questions or comments send them along to the above email address.

Sales: You sale is yours to develop. You tell us what to do and we just do it.

We are not involved in the financial side of the sale. We don't ask for a percentage of your sale or anything like that. You only pay for the initial cost of posting the sale.

Send me an email to and we'll get busy selling your items.

Re: Links: We do not offer linkage to other websites. It leaves open our website for theft by those we do not want to participate.


How It Works

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